Imaging Group SpA is an IT company focused on the challenges surrounding Integrated Document Management projects. Founded in 1994 by a group of technicians and consultants with significant experience acquired at leading multinationals in the sector, we quickly established ourselves in the industry and earned the esteem and trust of an important base of clients.
Our mission is to create solutions that help our customers optimize management and organizational processes by improving efficiency and increasing the competitiveness of their companies. We collaborate with acclaimed software technology producers; this permits us to implement only the best standards-based solutions that are advanced, complete and simple to use.
Our approach places the customer at the center of our attention; we create applications designed to solve the most common office problems to the most sophisticated and complex IT solutions. All information, often of vital importance for companies, regardless of their format, can be organized in a rational and efficient way, ensuring quick access even in highly distributed contexts.
The Document Solutions we offer are built with standard tools and based on world-leading software architectures, our solutions are open and integrated both with existing applications and with the most popular systems on the market. The customization of our solutions ensures that our Applications adapt to the needs of Users and not vice versa.

Our Partners

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