Digital Preservation in accordance with the law

Digital Preservation according to the law is the process that allows companies to preserve digital documents so that they maintain their full legal value over time, that is, the guarantee of their authenticity, integrity, reliability, legibility and availability.
This process, if carried out in compliance with current legislation, allows companies to completely dematerialize all paper documents.
Concretely, this means eliminating printed documents such as invoices, both receivable and payable, accounting ledgers, and many other types of documents.

Our Digital Preservation platform LegalBunker, developed in 2009, meets the highest standards of safety and reliability required by the market.
In acknowledgement of these innovative characteristics, AgID (Agency for Digital Italy) has recognized Imaging Group as an accredited registrar.

Lower costs related to:

  • archival
  • paper consumption
  • consumption of printing materials
  • document distribution
  • space occupation

Significant benefits due to:

  • greater access control
  • increase in staff productivity
  • less time searching for documents
  • availability of documents anytime, anywhere
  • integration with company ERP/ECM systems

Imaging Group is also an Infocert RAO (Registration Authority Officer), so we can conveniently issue smart cards at our customers’ premises.

  • Automated scanning and indexing of any paper document using the most advanced multi-engine Data Capture tools
  • Certified destruction of paper documents
  • Conversion from SPOOL, including AFP, with a production capacity of 1,400,000 pages/hour

A PEC, as a digitally native document, in order to be stored correctly and maintain its probative value over time, must undergo a digital preservation process in accordance with the law.

Imaging Group provides an automatic and integrated service through LegalBunker, where the customer only has to deal with which certified emails to keep.

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