From January 1st 2019 it has become mandatory to issue electronic invoices (e-invoice) in transactions between private individuals following the sale of goods and services carried out between subjects residing or established in Italy.

Electronic invoicing consists in using the standards already outlined by FatturaPA, for all operations between VAT subjects and the Public Administration. An e-invoice is prepared digitally (XML) and transmitted electronically to the customer through the Exchange System (SdI) of the Italian Revenue Agency.

To manage these activities, Imaging Group has developed InvoiceBunker, the ideal solution to produce and transmit Electronic Invoices, integrated with LegalBunker.

Imaging Group, can handle:

  • Sending of Electronic Invoices to SdI, with a formal verification process to assure the accuracy of the xml file
  • Reception of Electronic Invoices from SdI
  • Display of Notifications and Receipts, which are sent by SdI, via the web dashboard
  • Management and transmission of Acceptance/Rejection Notifications to SdI
  • Display of all Electronic Invoices that have transited through SdI, via the web dashboard
  • Digital conservation of Electronic Invoices through LegalBunker in accordance with the law

We also offer many additional services to simplify customer management.

  • preparation of the invoice in XML format;
  • signature on the invoice with a qualified electronic or digital signature by the supplier or a third party delegate;
  • transmission of the invoice to SdI, through one of the approved channels outlined in the Technical Specifications (PEC, FTP, application cooperation), which delivers the invoice to the recipient office of the PA;
  • receipt of notifications and feedback sent by SdI following the outcome of the invoice transmission;
  • conservation according to the procedures outlined by current legislation.

The innovation behind this methodology lies not only in the format, but also in the capability of being able to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of its content from issuance to digital preservation in accordance with the law, thanks to a digital signature and time stamp.
To permit the exchange of electronic invoices between private individuals, the Revenue Agency provides an online service available to all taxpayers with a VAT number that enables:

  • compiling of the electronic invoice
  • creation of the invoice in xml format
  • transmission of the digitally signed electronic invoice
  • conservation of the electronic invoice for tax purposes

To receive the invoice in electronic format, the consumer may have a PEC address to directly receive the invoice from the exchange system of the Revenue Agency or continue with the current methods (invoice in paper or digital format).

The advantages of managing electronic invoices through an intermediary are:
Fully automated process
No risk of data loss
Integration with a company’s ERP system
Does not require monitoring
Shorter lead times
No data entry typing errors when uploading accounts receivable invoices
Monitoring period as well as content management
Ability to manage all special cases that have been already defined (e.g. reverse charge, self-billing, etc.)
Low operating costs
Possibility of automatically uploading invoices without having to manually type or extract data via OCR.

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