Business Process Management (BPM) includes a set of activities necessary to analyze, define, execute, optimize, monitor and integrate business processes, in order to create a process aimed at making the company’s business efficient and effective.

A BPM system represents a valid tool to support decision-making processes, contributing to the rationalization of document trails.

A workflow system allows you to manage the activities carried out by specific people and automates the assignment of those activities to the various departments involved.

BPM technologies improve the effectiveness, flexibility and control of work by improving processes, such as automating manual operations that elapse between the moment in which the information is received or generated and that in which it is stored.

Imaging Group is capable of developing a wide range of applications that meet different business process automation requirements or reengineering needs, both for medium-small and large organizational structures. The BPM solutions that Imaging Group offers belong to the IBM product families.

Some activities of the BPM process depend on business rules that can change frequently to adapt to new regulations or due to new business needs. A BRM (Business Rules Management) system allows centralized management of business rules, independently of the processes involved.

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