In 2003 we expanded our service offering with the dematerialization of paper documents. Our highly qualified personnel carry out our scanning services with top-of-the-range scanners that guarantee execution speed and superior quality images.

The indexing activity is accomplished with data capture software where possible, or via manual intervention by our operators.

Cross-checks between the results of the best performing software on the market allow us to obtain very precise data.

In order to keep the quality of our work high, we also carry out meticulous quality control both in the scanning and indexing phases.

Our organization can manage all types of documents, regardless of their format, characteristics or data to be extracted.

The scanned documentation can be returned to the customer together with the extracted metadata, or it can be archived with our qualified partners.

Once processed, the images or documents can be stored in our first-class Data Center and consulted via customized web applications that we build with the best technologies available on the market.

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