Automatic Data Capture, AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture), refers to the technologies that automatically classify documents and extract their content, minimizing the involvement of human operators.

Automatic Data Capture also allows for the acquisition of data from external sources through the analysis of video, sound or images.

The technologies typically involved in the Data Capture process include barcodes, RFID (radio frequency identification), biometric readers, voice recognition and OCR (optical character recognition).

In particular, for the extraction of data from images, the following technologies are used:

  • OCR (optical character recognition): for the recognition of printed text
  • ICR (intelligent character recognition): for the recognition of handwritten text
  • OMR (optical mark recognition): for the recognition of certain markings on a document
  • BCR (barcode recognition): for the recognition of barcodes

These core technologies enable the extraction of information from paper documents for further processing in corporate information systems such as an ERP, CRM and others.

For data acquisition, documents are divided into these 3 categories:

STRUCTURED DOCUMENTS: They share structure and appearance. It is the simplest type of data acquisition, because all data is in the same place for all documents, such as questionnaires.

SEMI-STRUCTURED DOCUMENTS: They share the data set to be extracted, but their structure and appearance is variable, such as invoices.

NON-STRUCTURED DOCUMENTS: They are heterogeneous documents (such as letters, articles) with structure and data sets to be extracted not shared.

Imaging Group offers Data Capture solutions both on-premises and in the Cloud at our Data Center.

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