Enterprise Content Management (ECM), an advanced form of document management, enables the creation, collection and storage of information in an organized and structured manner in order to improve and facilitate access to data.

Companies have understood that their value lies not in the quantity of information that circulates within the organization, but the ability to use that information efficiently.

An ECM solution encompasses a set of tools that permits the management of the documentation produced and received within an organization, regardless of its format.

It also allows you to catalog, organize, archive, share and send any type of document.

All users will have available, at any time and in any place, the latest updated version of the document in real time and, if authorized, will be able to review and approve them. This process brings significant benefits within an organization: greater efficiency and timeliness of information, a savings in terms of costs due to the reduced need for archival space and the decrease in search times, with a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

The ECM solutions we offer are based on world-leading technologies. Thanks to these tools we create customized applications for all needs and make them available both on-premises and in SaaS at our Data Center.

The main features of the ECM systems we offer are:

  • Systems scalability
  • Security control including rights to read, modify and delete documents
  • Full text search
  • Version control

Imaging Group uses the most reliable and complete ECM systems currently on the market.

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