At our data center, we take security very seriously.

We respect the highest safety standards, in addition to being certified ISO 27001 compliant. We use Backup and Disaster Recovery methodology that are among the most reliable and advanced on the market.

Our Data Center site is outfitted with sophisticated equipment for environmental conditioning, static uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), fire detection and monitoring systems, active 24h/365 days a year, to guarantee uninterrupted service and maximum uptime.

Using our DPC (Data Processing Center) permits companies to optimize their IT infrastructure and significantly reduce costs.

All management costs, hardware and software updates of the IT infrastructure are borne by Imaging Group, which maintains the highest level of technology to ensure its customers maximum reliability.

Our Cloud services are modular and scalable according to the needs of each individual company.

Our BPO service (Business Process Outsourcing) also allows companies to free up internal resources, taking advantage of a structure already set up and maintained ad hoc.

Many customers have been loyally using our BPO services thanks to our Data Center for several years.

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